Author: Frank

New Website Design

After almost one year of inactivity, I’m back! Today I uploaded the new design for this site. Now that’s done, I will pick up the work on my Community News Plugin again.

The plugin’s code will be completely rewritten, and with that support for PHP 4 will be dropped. When that is done, new features will be implemented to make the plugin even better!
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New JavaScript Used

Hey everyone.

After adding version 1.3, I received a few notifications about the javascript. It gave errors, wasn’t compatible with most plugins and/or themes and just sucked 🙂

My decision was to update the complete javascript used with version 2.0, since that one is going to have a complete makeover. However, more and more emails came, telling about the JavaScript. The problem seems to be worse then I was thinking, so an early patch for the javascript is already available.
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Fv Community News Version 1.3

After more then 1000 downloads, and a few weeks since the last update, it is time for the next level of this plugin. Improved Akismet, Translatable, and more.

Template Tags

A lot of people were asking for it, template tags for use in posts/pages. Well, here they are:


The first one will display the form, just as the widget does, but then within a page or post. The next one will display a list of submissions, as defined in the admin panel (under: Settings – Template). You can simply put these tags in your post or page, and thats all.
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FV Community News V1.2

Finally, after a lot of programming the time is here. It’s the time for another update of my Community News plugin. This version includes a better way to protect you from being spammed, image uploading, edit submissions and more…
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FV Community News Version 1.1

After one week of release, I already have a new version of my Community News plugin. This version has some improvements, new features, and some bug fixes:

  • The submission moderation panel is improved and some bugs are fixed.
  • The option that users must be logged in is added.
  • The form is already filled in in parts for users who are logged in
  • The captcha could be removed for users who are already logged in.
  • The captcha image can now easily refreshed, using AJAX
  • A nonce field is added to fight spam.
  • I added an RSS 2.0 feed for the submissions.
  • AJAX is now used to submit the form.

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Create an RSS Feed with WordPress

When you are busy creating a wonderful plugin for your WordPress blog, it might be possible that you need to create a RSS feed. For example, when creating a guestbook people could ask for a RSS feed to view the recent added posts and stay updated, or take a look at my own Community News Plugin, isn’t it great if it had a build-in RSS feed as well?

Well don’t worry I am busy to create that and it is almost finished. In the mean while, I wanted to share some stuff I learned while creating this RSS feed.

The Beginning

The first thing we need is a function that actually creates the RSS feed. This function doesn’t need any parameters and it also shouldn’t return anything.
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