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FV Community News 2.0 – Beta 2

I am very pleased to announce that the plugin has reached a new milestone!

Since the last update there have been significant changes. For people who like to browse the code, as well as for the default users who just like to use the plugin. Read more…

Create an RSS Feed with WordPress

When you are busy creating a wonderful plugin for your WordPress blog, it might be possible that you need to create a RSS feed. For example, when creating a guestbook people could ask for a RSS feed to view the recent added posts and stay updated, or take a look at my own Community News Plugin, isn’t it great if it had a build-in RSS feed as well?

Well don’t worry I am busy to create that and it is almost finished. In the mean while, I wanted to share some stuff I learned while creating this RSS feed.

The Beginning

The first thing we need is a function that actually creates the RSS feed. This function doesn’t need any parameters and it also shouldn’t return anything.
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Using Sessions in WordPress

Yesterday, when I was creating a new plugin for my friend Stefan Vervoort, I needed sessions to work. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support them?!

I searched the whole source code of this great piece of blogging software, and not on one single line I found even one session. Also the session_start() function is not called, but I still needed my sessions to work 😕 .

So I started searching Google for a fix of my problem. I found a lot of people asking the same question: “Why do sessions not work in WordPress?” Finally I found a solution to fix this little issue and guess what, it is a simple one.
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