Feature Requests

Have a great idea for one of my WordPress Plugins? Now is your chance to get it implemented! Simply create an account, and post your idea on the forums.

FV Code Highlighter

This has been more of a pet project, but with a new version released back in October, it is starting to look quite nice in my opinion. While there are still some bugs that need to be fixed for a full release, things work way better then before.

All the previous available useless options have been removed and made place for a nice, simple and easy to use configuration page. The  previous way of highlighting code was not good at all and is replaced with an actual parser. And since parsing is quite an intense process for a server, caching is build right in without you ever having to worry about it.

If you think that there is still a major function missing from the plugin, be sure to post it!

FV Community News

It has been a while since the last update for this plugin. Last year I did a complete rewrite of it, and was pretty happy with the result. With the last release, quite a few features were removed, because they didn’t function very well, or didn’t belong in this plugin. But the removal of some of the features made a lot of people upset. So was the loss of the thumbnail a big loss, and I received a lot of requests to put it back into the plugin.

Well, I have good new for everyone that misses the thumbnails, they are getting back in! I have been working on a complete rewrite, again. But this time everything is going to chance. The custom database table will be removed and make place for the custom post type WordPress supports. This means that thumbnails will be supported again, as well as comments, tags, ratings, better WordPress integration, and even more.

You will have to be patient for a while though, because the development will still take a while before it is done. But, if any time is a great time to tell me your ideas, it is now! So make sure to post them on the forums!


Keep in mind that while every suggestion will be read, not every suggestion will make it into the plugin. Still, do not hesitate to submit your idea!