FV Community News 2.0 – Beta 2

I am very pleased to announce that the plugin has reached a new milestone!

Since the last update there have been significant changes. For people who like to browse the code, as well as for the default users who just like to use the plugin.

Code Cleanup

First of all, there has been a huge cleanup in the source code. Comments have been added to all the functions to help people understand the code, and help solving problems. The code itself also has had big improvements; speed and customization are probably the biggest points here. With hooks added to almost every part of the plugin, you can customize it any way you want.

Also the addition of template functions, very similar to the functions you are used to using in your WordPress themes, allow you to change the look of your community news more then ever before. More information on theme customization will follow within a couple of days.

Admin AJAXization

Another thing I really, really wanted to do is speed up the moderation of your Community News. While thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that the only way to do that is by using AJAX. So from now on, Community News moderation will be faster then ever before. Both the dashboard and the moderation page are using JavaScript/AJAX for single post moderation. I think you will really enjoy this change.

And More

Besides these two points there have been a lot more changes of course. In fact, to many things have changed to list them here. In the next week(s) or so I will get documentation up on the various things that require it.

If you can’t wait that long, you don’t have to! You can download the beta right now from the WordPress repository. Just go the the download page, and select the development version.


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