FV Community News 2.0 Public Beta

The beta has been around for a while now, and since no major bugs have been discovered yet, I decided to make it public.

The first thing I decided to do with the plugin is remove some `useless` features. Mostly these are settings hardly anyone uses and just confuses people. What I want is the plugin to be super easy to use, not to much trouble with configuring and other stuff should be necessary.
One other thing that I removed is the possibility to upload images. While this might have been a very nice feature for some of you, I decided it isn’t really something that does belong in this plugin.

Second I’ve completely rewritten the code. The whole plugin is now OOP based, and I’m very happy with the current results, even though I’m not done with it yet.

So what is new then? Well, something that the plugin misses right now is the possibility to create some sort of archives from all the great posts you receive. And this is something that I really wanted to add, and improve further in the future.
For now, I added pagination to the plugin, witch will be the start of being able to have an archive of news on your website. To get this simple archive on your website, use the following tag:
Make sure to put it into your page using the code view!

Besides the start of archives, the plugin received numerous of other updates, bug fixes and other improvements.

If you are interested in testing the plugin, you can download it from the wordpress repository.

If while using it you find any bugs, find ways to improve things or just have this awesome idea, do not hesitate to leave a reply! Or just send me an email.

For new ideas you might have, I would like you to ask to post them into the forums, created for exactly that kind of stuff.

Changes regarding the plugin can kept track of here.

A quick side note; currently the beta says that it is version 1.4. This is correct, and done to make sure there will not be any problems with updating to the final version.

More information about new features of the plugin will follow.

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