FV Community News 3.0 Alpha 3

The third and final alpha version is now available and needs heavy testing!

Because this is the last alpha, new features will not be added anymore for the release of 3.0. If you think there is still something important missing, be sure to post about it, it might be added in a later version!

For the next release (beta 1), the current code will be optimized and any bugs that might be found will be fixed. The theme support still needs a lot of work, which will be one of the highlights for beta 1. Also the new cloud API will be expanded and optimized.

So what’s new in the third alpha?

  • The dashboard widget is back.
  • Advanced filters for form validation are now available. This allows you to specify a minimum text length for example.
  • A base slug has been added. This should fix the problems people had with permalinks.
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements.
  • Cloud Syncing:
  • When a post is submitted to multiple blogs, this feature allows the post rating, views and comments to stay in sync. So if someone on blog A rates the post, the post will automatically also be rated on blog B. The same for comments, when a comment is added on blog A, it will also be added on blog B. Because of this, a visitor of your blog will always get all the info about a guest post available, which is great!
  • Besides keeping things in sync, this also makes it possible to create an huge archive of blog posts. I personally think blog posts are one of the best resources on the net; and having them all searchable, with comments, ratings and views on one place will be awesome!
  • Communication between servers is encrypted, thus the transfer of data is safe.
  • Right now, it’s functionality is very limited, but it will be expanded in the first beta. Also, in this alpha version it is not possible to turn off syncing, this will be possible at the release of 3.0. This is to make sure the syncing gets tested as much as possible.
  • Syncing does not work on a localhost, this is intended.

Known issues:

  • Notification emails still do not work.

More info on 3.0: Alpha 1, Alpha 2.

DOWNLOAD: FV Community News 3.0 Alpha 3.

Note: Version 3.0 is not backwards compatible with version 2.x or 1.x; a converter plugin will be available on release.

Beta 1 is now available: More info.

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