FV Community News 3.2

In the previous months, version 3.1 of the Community News plugin was released. This version contained a major overhaul of the old code base and lots of bug and compatibility fixes to update it for WordPress 4.9. It was followed by two smaller updates improving the code even more. While these updates were great improvements, no new features were added for the users.

Today is the release of version 3.2. This version, again, contains loads of code improvements. But even better, it gives you more control over the form to add news.One thing I noticed was that not all sites use the plugin to reference other articles. This means that the link field is not always necessary. And while it was possible to make it optional, it was always there. It can now be disabled completely to simplify the form.

I did the same for the tags field, it can now be disabled to simplify the form.

When the form is validated on the server, the length of all the fields must be in certain ranges. While the defaults that were set probably work for most users, you might want to change these to fit your needs. The form settings page now has an advanced tab. On this tab you can easily adjust the defaults that are used for this length validation. The advanced tab will be expanded in the future to even further control how the form will be validated. Do you have suggestions? Leave a reply to let me now.

For more info, and a download link, view the plugin page.

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