FV Community News Version 1.1

After one week of release, I already have a new version of my Community News plugin. This version has some improvements, new features, and some bug fixes:

  • The submission moderation panel is improved and some bugs are fixed.
  • The option that users must be logged in is added.
  • The form is already filled in in parts for users who are logged in
  • The captcha could be removed for users who are already logged in.
  • The captcha image can now easily refreshed, using AJAX
  • A nonce field is added to fight spam.
  • I added an RSS 2.0 feed for the submissions.
  • AJAX is now used to submit the form.

Note that all the JavaScript from this plugin uses the Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries, and if you already loaded jQuery in your page, the AJAX might not work.

On to version 1.2

There are already some suggestions for version 1.2:

  • Allow people to upload photo’s.
  • The ability to edit submissions.
  • Tags to add Community News in a post or page.

These will be implemented as soon as possible 🙂
Have any other suggestions? Please leave a comment and I will take a look at it.

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