Fv Community News Version 1.3

After more then 1000 downloads, and a few weeks since the last update, it is time for the next level of this plugin. Improved Akismet, Translatable, and more.

Template Tags

A lot of people were asking for it, template tags for use in posts/pages. Well, here they are:


The first one will display the form, just as the widget does, but then within a page or post. The next one will display a list of submissions, as defined in the admin panel (under: Settings – Template). You can simply put these tags in your post or page, and thats all.

Uninstall Feature

While I was thinking what this plugin needs, I decided that it should have an uninstall function. Before, you could only deactivate the plugin through the wp-admin panel under plugins, but when that was done, all the data/settings still remain in your database and on your server. With this new Uninstall function you can remove all settings, and/or all data before you deactivate the plugin and remove all the plugin files.


Before version 1.3, all text displayed on the screen, produced by this plugin was static data, you couldn’t change it. From now on the plugin uses the WordPress functions for displaying text, wich makes it possible for you to translate it and run the plugin in your own language. There are no languages included yet, but don’t hesitate to submit your own translation. I will include it in the plugin and would be very thankfull.

Custom Response Messages

Didn’t like the standard responses? You are now able to customize them so they fit for you. Go to Settings – Appearance, and modify all possible responses. Also a simple stylesheet is included to give the form a little style.

Improved Akismet

As of the previous (1.2 series) version, I included an Akismet class to fight spam. Unfortunately, this class was causing some serious problems at random servers. Because of this I searched for another solution, and found the MicroAkismet functions. These do work on blogs where the old class failed. I want to thank my friend Ivan, who made his blog availible for some tests.

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