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FV Community News 3.2

In the previous months, version 3.1 of the Community News plugin was released. This version contained a major overhaul of the old code base and lots of bug and compatibility fixes to update it for WordPress 4.9. It was followed by two smaller updates improving the code even more. While these updates were great improvements, no new features were added for the users. Read more…

FV Community News Upgrader

Version 3.0 and later of the Community News plugin will not be backwards compatible with version 2 and earlier. But you might have a lot of posts already that will be lost if you choose to update the plugin. To help you with the update, I made a little plugin that helps you converting all of the old posts to work with the new version.


The first thing you should do is uninstall the old version. You can safely check the remove settings option, but do not check the remove data option! Then confirm the uninstall and click the uninstall button. Read more…

FV Community News 3.0 Beta 1

It’s time for the first beta version to be tested! This first beta contains a lot of bug fixes, significant performance increments and other improvements. For more information on all the changes, view the link below.

Depending on how many problems are found during testing, there will be one or two more beta versions before a final release, but I think the plugin is pretty stable at this point. Please try it and tell me what you think about it!

Update: A new release has been uploaded, containing a few critical bug fixes that were discovered.

DETAILS: FV Community News Beta 1, Convert your old posts.

FV Community News 3.0 Alpha 3

The third and final alpha version is now available and needs heavy testing!

Because this is the last alpha, new features will not be added anymore for the release of 3.0. If you think there is still something important missing, be sure to post about it, it might be added in a later version! Read more…

FV Community News 3.0 Alpha 2

A second alpha version is available now!

New in this version:

  • The settings page is up and running.
    • Moderation options for a submitted article.
    • Send a notification email when an article is posted (NYI).
    • Allow/disallow anonymous posting.
    • Modify the base slugs.
    • Enable/disable Akismet on community news articles.
  • Simple post ratings are now implemented.
  • Akismet integration (the official akismet plugin is required).
  • An optional ‘View All’ link is added to the view posts widget.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 3.2.
  • Anonymous tags are fixed.
  • Updating a post will no longer reset the author data to the user who updated the post.
  • Improved theme compatibility (still needs some work).
  • More (minor) improvements and bug fixes.

Read more…

FV Community News 3.0 Alpha Preview 1

A little while ago I talked about a complete new version of the FV Community News plugin. This version will take advantage of the custom post type that WordPress supports. Today an alpha preview is available for you to see what direction the plugin is going into. Keep in mind that this version is not for use on a live website, since it can and probably will contain bugs! Read more…