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FV Community News 3.0 Alpha Preview 1

A little while ago I talked about a complete new version of the FV Community News plugin. This version will take advantage of the custom post type that WordPress supports. Today an alpha preview is available for you to see what direction the plugin is going into. Keep in mind that this version is not for use on a live website, since it can and probably will contain bugs! Read more…

Feature Requests

Have a great idea for one of my WordPress Plugins? Now is your chance to get it implemented! Simply create an account, and post your idea on the forums. Read more…

Community News – Custom Templates

With the latest version of the Community News plugin, customizing the templates had been brought to a whole new level.
It is true that you are not able to simple edit the looks in your WP-Admin anymore, but instead there are simple PHP templates included with the plugin that you can easily modify.
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FV Community News 2.0 Public Beta

The beta has been around for a while now, and since no major bugs have been discovered yet, I decided to make it public.

The first thing I decided to do with the plugin is remove some `useless` features. Mostly these are settings hardly anyone uses and just confuses people. What I want is the plugin to be super easy to use, not to much trouble with configuring and other stuff should be necessary. Read more…

New JavaScript Used

Hey everyone.

After adding version 1.3, I received a few notifications about the javascript. It gave errors, wasn’t compatible with most plugins and/or themes and just sucked 🙂

My decision was to update the complete javascript used with version 2.0, since that one is going to have a complete makeover. However, more and more emails came, telling about the JavaScript. The problem seems to be worse then I was thinking, so an early patch for the javascript is already available.
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Fv Community News Version 1.3

After more then 1000 downloads, and a few weeks since the last update, it is time for the next level of this plugin. Improved Akismet, Translatable, and more.

Template Tags

A lot of people were asking for it, template tags for use in posts/pages. Well, here they are:


The first one will display the form, just as the widget does, but then within a page or post. The next one will display a list of submissions, as defined in the admin panel (under: Settings – Template). You can simply put these tags in your post or page, and thats all.
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